St. 约翰的传统

St. 约翰的 College is a place where students study the works of history’s greatest thinkers. Students in 安纳波利斯 和 圣达菲 have established traditions that date back decades or longer, from signing the college register during their first day on campus to taking part in “senior prank” days before graduation. Students, called “Johnnies,” enjoy many of the same activities as their predecessors from years past. 进一步了解我们的 大学历史.

看看Johnnie chair是怎么做的. 约翰学院的标志-可以改变生活. 下面是关于这些椅子的更多信息.


St. 约翰的 faculty members are called “tutors,” who lead classes across the liberal arts curriculum. 而不是作为内容专家或讲师, 导师引导讨论并充当模范学习者.


在圣达菲, freshmen celebrate the completion of their first reading—the 《全球十大赌博靠谱平台》——葬礼游戏. 读完荷马史诗之后, toga-clad Johnnies reenact the glorious contests at the funeral of Patroclus, 包括拔河, 手推车比赛, 和更多的.


The entire freshman class 和 new 研究所 students are part of Convocation, 在此期间,他们每个人都在学院注册簿上签名, 与校长握手,并收到一本在课堂上使用的书.


A 托勒密的石头 is an ancient device for measuring the angle of the sun compared to the earth, 什么是许多导航设备如六分仪的基础. 两个校区都有一座托勒密石.


两个校区都有活跃的华尔兹委员会. These dance enthusiasts hold dance lessons 和 host 华尔兹 parties, featuring many different themes. 课程定期举行,可能包括荡秋千, 华尔兹, 波尔卡, 林迪舞和其他风格取决于一年中的时间.


在年底, 每个班(新生)每年都会有一篇论文获奖, 二年级学生, 初级和高级)以及原始翻译, 原创科学实验, 最初的诗, 原创艺术作品和原创数学证明.


每学年结束的时候, 长者表演小品, 播放视频,在校园里举办全天的野餐和派对. 


Each spring on the 圣达菲 campus, students will challenge other classes to softball games. 还有教职工vs. 学生垒球比赛.


高年级学生提交论文后, they each have an oral examination with three members of the faculty using their paper as the foundation. This is a public event; friends, 家庭, 同行, 同事, 和 even people from town can come 和 observe this hour-long oral exam.


室内足球:用稍小的球进行的室内足球, 在圣达菲的校园里,几乎每天都有人踢足球, 通常每年至少有一场比赛.


除了是学校的非官方吉祥物之一, 蝾螈生活在两个校区的实验室里, where they are observed in association with some of the readings of freshman lab.


在这个传统中,学生们大声朗读 奥德赛 或者是 《全球十大赌博靠谱平台》 (通常每年交替进行), 从早上开始,到深夜结束.


在蒙特索尔圣达菲校区的半路上, Johnnies for years have taken in a beautiful view from a wooden swing hung from a tree.


A party held the weekend after the last full week of classes each year, 真人秀短剧, 视频, 跳舞和一般的聚会气氛. 包括斯巴达足球在内的体育运动也在这里进行.


圣达菲的导师和高年级学生经常为微分算符聚会, a tradition meant to ease the transition to adulthood 和 the professional ranks.


Students, staff 和 faculty on each campus are assigned to an intramural sports team. 两队在多个项目上互相比赛, 包括极限飞盘, 足球, 篮球, “reasonball,手球和排球.


This sports league in 安纳波利斯 was founded 和 named by some of the women of St. 约翰的. Women 和 non-cis gendered polity members can participate in Kunai 和 intramural sports.


带有St. 约翰的 seal are awarded to students based on participation 和 performance. Special blazers are also passed down to two individual rising seniors each year, 由校内和国足队长投票选出. 除了, two members of the graduating senior class are awarded a blazer at commencement for participation, 领导才能和体育精神.


在秋天, members of freshman lab classes are often seen outside taking notes on 和 making sketches of local flora as part of their study of biology. 在安纳波利斯,这是木兰. 在圣达菲, 那里被称为“针叶树实验室”,“学生们前往滑雪盆地收集各种样本, 研究他们, 吸引他们, 然后为它们设计一个分类系统.


洛拉的派对每年都以“赌场”为主题. 虽然没有赌博的钱, students dress in sharp outfits 和 play games of chance with volunteer dealers.


沙龙舞 is a spring formal hosted by the Waltz Committee after croquet on the 安纳波利斯 campus. Traditionally strawberries 和 cream are served at midnight, 和 a live b和 is hired. 如果槌球队获胜, 球队成员通常会带着安纳波利斯杯隆重入场.


During freshman lab, students observe fish as part of their study of biology. 在安纳波利斯, freshmen often head down to College Creek armed with nets to catch fish for further observation in tanks in the classrooms.


老年人经常表演原创音乐, 或者他们认为与他们的班级相关的作品, 毕业前送给同学和家人.


The 学生指导委员会 (SCI) holds forums throughout the year on academic life at St. 约翰的, meeting with the faculty Instruction Committee at least once a year. The SCI also hosts the all-college seminar 和 hosts extracurricular seminar series.


每年为高年级学生和教职员工举行正式晚宴, 当时总统, 迪安, 全体教职员工和多位大四学生敬酒. A toast traditionally given at the dinner is a “toast to the four republics”—to the Republic of the United States of America, 圣共和国. 约翰学院,柏拉图的《全球十大赌博靠谱平台》和《文学界.


每节课由两到六名学生组成. Core groups often become good friends 和 rely on each other for academic support.


The take-a-tutor-to-lunch program allows students to sign tutors into lunch on campus for free, 学生是否在膳食计划中. Beyond the formal program, tutors 和 students will often meet for coffee or lunch off campus.


Parties to kick off the school year are held on each campus to welcome freshmen. 在圣达菲, there is the Black 和 White Ball 和 in 安纳波利斯 is the “Achilles Rager”—a nod to the rage of Achilles in 首页。r's 《全球十大赌博靠谱平台》.


理智球就像旗帜橄榄球,有很多额外的规则, 包括公平原则, which ensures that the losing team is always given possession after a score, 无论哪个队得分. 球员可以尽可能多地向前传球, 不管他们离争球线有多近.


在安纳波利斯校区, an intramural draft is held each year in which rising 二年级学生s are drafted to each intramural team.


虽然学院没有官方吉祥物, it does have a few unofficial ones—the most prominent being the axolotl 和 the platypus.


Small, often informally organized seminars on particular works are often held with a small group of students 和 no tutor, 虽然有时会有导师参加.